Dynamic sitting

The aim of the new back schools is to promote a healthy back by means of movement and posture training, thus preventing the chronification of back complaints. This aim is supported by Ergodesign! Even the best sitting posture, in which your spine is in the physiologically neutral position, is not healthy over a longer periods of time. The spine needs what is known as „dynamic sitting“ – movement while sitting. Dynamic sitting keeps our spine healthy and active. By moving, the intervertebral discs are supplied with fluid, nutrients and minerals – essential for a healthy spine. Without movement, the intervertebral discs literally starve. Ergodesign supports this function and allows the spine maximum freedom of movement while sitting, as well as the possibility of optimal sitting alignment: sit down with slightly open legs, positioning the ankles below the knee joints.


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Mag. Julia Wachter: Sports scientist with focus on posture prevention, back school and pelvic base training, Lecturer at the Institute for Sports Science at Innsbruck University (Posture promotion, Gymnastics in therapy), BeBo® Beckenboden–Dozentin

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